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As an independent agent, you’ll make a difference in the lives of those around you. Getting started is simple. In just a few easy steps, you will be on your way to establishing a long-lasting career that you are proud of. Download our free Medicare Smart Guide or join an informational event to get started today.

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Run Your Own Business

Running a business, building a team, and helping people each day is what being an agent is all about. When you partner with an independent agency like Sovereign Select, you have access to quality insurance products from multiple providers which makes the client onboarding process simple and rewarding.

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Grow Your Earnings

As an independent agent with Sovereign Select, you have local and national support, worthwhile incentives, and proven workflows at your disposal. With the help of our training and education process, we will prepare you for the realities of the office and do what we can to help you step into this career with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

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Medicare Market By The Numbers

Important Medicare Statistics


  • Over 1 million Wisconsin residents are currently on Medicare.
  • Over 68,000 people age-in to Medicare each year in Wisconsin.
  • Southeast Wisconsin has the largest concentration of new and current Medicare recipients statewide.


  • Over 10,000 people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare every day.
  • Nearly 60 million or 18.2% of the U.S. population are currently on Medicare.
  • Medicare spending grew 8.4% to $900.8 billion in 2021.
What Do I Need To Sell Medicare Plans?

Getting Started

Independent Agent Checklist

  • Health + Accident Insurance License Issued By The State You Wish To Sell
  • Errors/Omissions Insurance
  • Field Marketing Organization Affiliation (FMO)
  • Approved Carrier Specific Contracting (Agent  and Agency Contracting Available)
  • Certification Completion For Medicare Advantage
  • Certification Completion For Medicare (Part D) Prescription Drug Plans
  • Education And Training
Captive Agent Vs. Independent Agent

What’s The Difference?

Captive Agent

  • Work exclusively with one carrier; May be an employee; Contracting typically direct with carrier and commissions assigned.
  • Non-vested; Typically requires non-compete agreement.
  • Less flexibility.

Independent Agent

  • Access to several carriers and products; Contracting through FMO affiliation; Never an employee, you are your own business.
  • Fully vested contracting; Does not require non-compete agreement.
  • More flexibility.
Non-Vested And Vested Contracts

How Do They Compare?

Non-Vested Medicare Contracts

  • Customers owned by carrier or employer; Commissions assigned to and owned by carrier or employer.
  • Upon resignation or termination, all commissions and customers stay with carrier or employer.
  • Typically includes non-compete agreement.

Vested Medicare Contracts

  • Customers are always owned by writing agent; Commissions always stay with writing agent.
  • Upon resignation or termination, all commissions and customers stay with writing agent.
  • No non-compete agreement.

**All Contracts offered through Sovereign Select are “Vested”.

What's My Income Potential?

Let’s Talk Figures

Estimated Income Potential

  • Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan commissions are federally standardized. In 2024, First Year: $611 per enrollment; Following Years: $306 or $25.50 per member per month. Most carriers will pay this for the life of the member or as long as they keep the policy.
  • Medicare Supplement plans pay an average of about 18% of the members annual plan premium for the first six years of the policy. Then will typically pay 7% on average after year six for the remainder of the policy life.
  • Medicare (Part D) Prescription Drug Plans pay $100 for the first year and $50 or $4.17 per member, per month residual.

**Commissions are adjusted each year.  Typically increased.

**Agent and Agency level contracting available.  Reach out for more details.

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